After work tonight I read one hundred and eight pages of Nora Ephron's Heartburn on the living room sofa. Even though there isn't snow in San Francisco I can tell it's winter because all I need is a book, some lamplight and the blanket that my mom picked out for me at a Macy's Black Friday sale in Pittsburgh five years ago and I'm PFH (Pretty Fucking Happy).

Also, today at lunch I asked Judy if rice was a carb and her response was "That's a question only a skinny person would ask." I looked it up online and rice is not a carb but it does contain a lot of carbs, which is confusing.

Lastly, two years ago today my mom wrote a post titled Love Hurts and below words are from that.

Thanksgiving is over and all of our traveling family has gone home and it hurts. It hurts because I love them all so deeply. It hurts because our visits aren’t frequent enough and time is precious.

I catch Mark looking at me with a warm smile and his adoring eyes. Chad tries to make jokes because he wants to see me smile or laugh. Kelly selflessly stays by my side and anticipates my needs or wants. Corey worries but listens intently to me as if he is recording my words in his mind. Bryan smiles and is ready to help in seconds. Ashley, Chris, Bevan and Devin lovingly and patiently watch our family as we navigate this uncharted territory. And Cole and Peyton seem to adjust effortlessly as they live in the now and enjoy the love that surrounds them.

We’re all so different but we all have one thing in common and that one thing is this incredible love that hurts sometimes.