Happy and Sad, or Our Last Practice

The Rooftop Ravens had their last soccer practice of the season tonight and the occasion made me both happy and sad. The feelings of happiness stemmed mostly from the fact that we've come such a long way since Annabel raised her hand during the first minute of the first practice and announced to the whole team that she was only there because her mother made her. The sad feelings were because I hate when things are over and because I won't get to see those fourteen dramatic and hilarious and kind and silly and wonderful little girls twice a week anymore and also because, well, my Feelz Meter has been stuck on Little Bitch since August and I can apply the Debbie Downer filter to almost anything right now.

Anyway, I enjoyed coaching this team infinity more than I ever thought I would and it's gonna be so dope to know these girls as they grow up.

Because this was our final practice we skipped drills and just scrimmaged the whole time. The girls let B and I play on opposite teams and I proposed that my team call ourselves Three Snaps (see GIF below) and the girls were all over it. Even though we were the fiercer crew (obvi), we got beat 7-4 because Bevan "Glory Days" Dufty pushed my whole team down to the ground on his way to scoring like ninety-five goals. Regardless, everybody had a rad time, there were minimal tears (but still way more than I could have ever imagined a few months ago) and it ended with cupcakes.