Fate or Something Like It

After work tonight I hauled my ass across town to Mayfair, a swanky neighborhood on the eastern edge of Hyde Park, to catch a "private view" of the latest snaps by famed Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf because B's former partner David is the director of the gallery and he invited me.

Once there I took in the framed and lit photos of shaved genitalia that adorned the walls, tossed back some free white wine, chatted with David and then set out to wander the neighborhood before heading back toward Soho for dinner. After fifteen or so minutes of aimless strolling I realized that I was completely lost and it started to rain so I stopped under an awning to orient myself and that's when I discovered that I was standing across the street from an upscale women's clothing boutique called Browns. Although I'd never shopped at Browns before I'd recognized the name because B had brought it up to me once in passing so I pulled out my phone and scrolled through our texts to find out why and sure enough his mother had lived in the apartment above the aforementioned boutique at some point during the 1980s which then blew my whole damn mind because all of a sudden I was accidentally right in front of my partner's mother's old London abode after getting lost on my way home from an art gallery directed by his former partner when it started raining so I sought cover beneath an awning on a random side street and what is this life?

After snapping a picture (see above photo) of his mom's old digs I ran to the nearest McDonald's fast food restaurant to make use of their free wireless Internet. I sent said picture to B along with a message that contained a lot of exclamations points because I just couldn't effin' believe that I had been happenstantially standing right under the very same apartment that his mother had lived in thirty-something years ago and that I had actually had the wherewithal to make such a connection.

Anygay, it's 5:51am and I haven't slept yet and I have to be up at 7:30 and I've got a sore throat and who even cares because I'm only in London for four more days. But yeah, I should try to sleep a bit.