Buzzed and Typing

Yesterday afternoon B and Sid flew to Orange County to celebrate Sid's ninth birthday with her mom's side of the family so I spent last night on FaceTime with Laura while eating gluten free frozen pizza and slugging red wine. Immediately following our one hour and nine minute chat Laura went to bed and I watched Two Night Stand on HBO GO. It was just medium.

This morning I woke up, did a load of laundry, cleaned out my closet, reorganized my dresser drawers, coached the Rooftop Ravens to a two to one loss to the Grattan Bees and then went downtown to pick up Sid's birthday gift and a sweater for Harrison. I'd like to note that while the team was warming up before the game I overheard a conversation that they were having about the boys in their class and they were discussing one boy in particular when one of the players said, "I don't really like his hair but his freckles are A MIRACLE." and I thought that that was kinda perfect.

In this moment I'm lying on the sofa with a spread of breakfast sausage, Mexican casserole, mixed berry seltzer, orange juice, red wine and tortilla chips in front of me as Zoolander plays on the flatscreen. I have also watched Morning Glory tonight because I'm flying to London tomorrow and I'm trying very hard to wait until the very last minute to pack my things.