Back Home

Even though I was very sad (and also quite hung over) whilst cabbing it to Heathrow this morning it felt pretty wonderful to walk through customs at San Francisco International this afternoon and on the airplane in-between I got to sit in the hump of a 747 where I spent ten or so hours drinking and eating and sleeping and watching movies (Ant-Man, Entourage and Pitch Perfect 2) and writing words and after we landed around three o'clock I hauled myself through the terminal and then home in another cab to change my clothes before hiking to Dobbs Bar in Hayes Valley to meet my buddy Chris (see photo below) who's in town from Austin and who, before tonight, I had not seen in fifteen years, which is absolutely mind-blowing.

Chris Harris.jpg

It's almost nine now and I've gotta go to do work things tomorrow and it's been a very busy seven days so I'm gonna climb into my bed and sleep.