In a New York State of Mind

Never have I seen New York this collectively pleased, this awed, this…human.

As we approached the Promenade, Danielle and I, car alarms blaring, dogs sounding, neighbors audibly questioning the noise, we finally saw what beckoned us from our Sunday night routine. There, high up in the dark October sky, a boisterous series of reds, greens, whites and blues shook the hardness from this city’s armored shell, revealing, for the first time since I’ve been here, a heart. The most amazing fireworks display I’ve ever seen unfurled from a barge centered on the East River, the fireworks reflecting colorfully off the windows of mammoth Manhattan skyscrapers. We stood among a hundred of our Brooklyn Heights neighbors, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, watching the beauty unfold with each skyward shot of light and sound. I, in my bare feet and cutoff t-shirt, Danielle in her pajamas, stood and gazed with the people of New York City as a tradition typically saved for the Fourth of July pushed summer back up into the night sky if only for a moment. We held on tightly to each second, our breathless sighs rooting desperately for a big city in need of small victories. The end of a brilliant finale, worthy only of New York City, brought October crashing back down, and with it, reality.

And we applauded…