My Sunday Diary

I mentioned last night that I was too tired to post details about my memorable Sunday Funday, so I'm gonna make up for it today with a sorta-quick recap.

Ed picked me up at 8:30 yesterday morning and we headed to the 15th Street courts to play a tennis match against one another which I won 6-0, 6-2. For the purpose of accurate historical record keeping I'd like to go ahead and blame the two games that I surrendered in the second set on the arrival of a foursome of handsome older gay men to the court next to ours because, well, gray hair.

Following tennis I walked home to have breakfast with Bevan. He made egg and cheese sandwiches on gluten free English muffins and we ate them at the kitchen counter while passing sections of The New York Times back and forth, communicating in a language we've come to recognize as Sunday morning. I hopped in the shower when the food was gone and The Times was read and stayed there under the water through five songs from the cast recording of the 2006 Broadway revival of Company starring Raúl Esparza as Bobby. Then I cut my nails (finger and toe), put on clothes (jeans and a hoodie) and headed by way of the 22 bus to a bottomless mimosa brunch on the back patio at The Sycamore with Cousin Christopher. We ate and drank for about an hour and then headed to the Castro where I left him at QBar and went alone to my friend Antonio's second birthday party which featured everything Thomas the Tank Engine (see photo below) and also catering by Chipotle Mexican Grill.

After the party I collected Christopher from QBar where he'd been enjoying two-for-one cocktails and watching American Beauty on a loop with no sound and we went back to my house for leftover ribs and the latest episodes of Girls and Looking on HBO Go with Bevan. During the shows one of the three of us fell asleep and peed on the sofa, an event that B happily recounted to my mom and dad in a thousand-word email that he wrote and sent from our bed.

A short time later I put Christopher into a Lyft and some Advil into my mouth and crawled in next to Bevan who could not stop himself from giggling.