Dramatic Me

I was standing in the kitchen making plans with Sam and Tommy via text message this morning when Bevan arrived home from brunching with his bestie and engaged me in the following conversation.

Bevan: "Did you already go running?"

Me: "No."

Bevan: "How come?"

Me: "Because I'm experiencing pain in my chest."

Bevan: "You're probably just sore from doing push-ups."

Me: "I'm not just sore from doing push-ups. This pain feels much deeper down than that."

Bevan: "You always do this when you're hurt or sick or hungover."

Me: "I always do what?"

Bevan: "You always make it into a bigger deal than it actually is."

Me: "I do not."

Bevan: "You do too."

Me: "Nope."

Bevan: "It's true. You can be such a drama queen."

Me: "I am not a drama queen. You know what, I hope I drop dead from this chest thing just to prove you wrong."