Today I Learned about Flat Spin

At one point this web log entry might have been called "But a Dream" because last night I had a dream that my mom got better and we hugged for a very long time in the kitchen of our house on Robinhood Drive and I woke up really happy in spite of the fact that I had to go to work on a holiday, or "José's Birthday Dinner" because earlier tonight I went to a birthday dinner for my friend José and now I've got a really mean red wine buzz goin' on, or even "New ALS Drug" because there's a petition floating around the World Wide Web right now about a new ALS drug (sign it here) and for the first time in almost two years my family feels a smidgen of hope about my mom's fuck-up disease, but instead this web log entry is called "Today I Learned About Flat Spin" because today I learned about flat spin and I'll never be the same again.

It's been well-documented on this web log that I am terrified of flying (see here, here and here, for instance) but today my fear reached a new level. There's a thing that airplanes can do that I never knew about before and it's called flat spin which a co-worker who was in the Air Force told me about today where a slight shift in the plane's tail can cause the whole aircraft to spin right round, baby, like a record baby over and over and over again in an incredibly violent manner and it's almost impossible to recover from. So now I not only have to be scared of falling out of the sky, exploding out of the sky and being burned alive whilst falling out of the sky before exploding once I hit the ground whenever I'm riding in an airplane, I also have to worry about being on the scariest roller coaster ride ever except that it's miles up in the air and instead of getting to eat cotton candy and elephant ears at the end I just get to die a horrible, terrifying death. So thanks Greg from work. What an amazing gift you have given to me.

Anyway, the only pictures I took today were that photo above of a cute little brick office building in South Park which was snapped while I was walking back to work from FedEx this afternoon and then the two FaceTime screenshots below that I captured while chatting with my family as I ate sushi from Safeway outside of the Dropbox headquarters between one and one forty-five.

Oh, and since I sometimes post a music video on Mondays (as you can see here, here and here), below is an appropriate song and video for today's post.