B and I spent the bulk of this afternoon exploring a tiny oceanside town about two and a half hours south of San Francisco called Carmel-by-the-Sea. He'd read an article about it in The New York Times six years ago and thought it might be a nice place to visit someday, so on this day we did. We walked on the beach, browsed art in galleries, ate a wonderful late lunch (The restaurant we ate at had a huge gluten free menu that included pizza and chocolate cake. I got both.) and then shopped at a famous men's clothing store that, in my humble opinion, seemed to specialize in attire that one might find on the Joker from Batman, which obviously means that Bevan wanted to buy everything in the place (see above photo). He ended up leaving with a sky blue blazer that he said "would be perfect for P-Town next summer." I tried on a pair of $350 jeans at his urging and while they did accentuate my backside quite nicely, I decided against the spend and instead headed home with no more than a fully belly, some happy memories and a few Instagram photos.

Although the town was adorable and the beach breathtaking, I think my favorite part of our little day trip was finally getting into the Serial podcast that everybody's been talking about since its debut last fall. We were so into it, Bevan and I, that we listened to five episodes in the car and then another one in bed when we got home. I'm pretty sure Jay did it. I mean, Jay did do it, right?