Slurpees and Flaming Garbage, or a Tuesday Evening with Tommy


Bevan woke me up early this morning to request my help in finishing Sidney's country diorama of Israel, which was due today. The last time he and I worked on one of Sidney's school dioramas together we managed to sneak magazine photos of Andy Cohen, Kelis and Lady Gaga into the background, but this time we played it straight and glued a mechanical dreidel and a blue menorah onto a bed of crumpled brown paper scraps that were standing in for sand because "Israel is in the desert, duh." Sid also insisted on including pictures of chicken nuggets and spaghetti in the scene, which made the whole thing look more like a picnic on the beach than an Israeli desertscape, but it's third grade and creativity trumps accuracy, so we rolled with it. Anyway, I spent the rest of my morning picking skin-like flakes of Elmer's Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive off of my fingertips, so I'm really hoping Sid gets an A on this one.

After I finished working at work I took a bus to Market Street and stood at the counter at Super Duper while eating French fries (only $2.72 including tax and unlimited pickles) and reading Josh Kilmer-Purcell's latest memoir, the one about gentlemen farming, and waited for Tommy to get out of work so we could embark on our #coreyandtommydoearth excursion to the Tenderloin. Since Super Duper was extra-special loud on account of hungry people and Christmas music, I went down the block to 7-Eleven and bought a couple of Slurpees (half Coke, half Fanta Wild Cherry) and waited outside the lobby of Tommy's building on New Montgomery for his release.

Our Tenderloin tour ended up being everything we'd hoped for but also a lot of things we hadn't, like a too-violent scuffle between a San Francisco police officer and a homeless guy with no shirt on who was setting fire to garbage and tossing it into the street. I plan to post more about the latest #coreyandtommydoearth outing tomorrow when I'm not sitting in bed with my phone on speaker in my lap blasting Virgin America's hold music.