Recapping Twenty Fourteen

I was poolside (well, kind of) in Palm Springs with Bevan when 2014 came to be and I'm bidding it farewell tomorrow night at my parents' condo in Muskegon surrounded by appetizers, champagne and my family. In the time between last January 1st and tomorrow night it will have been a pretty difficult year, to say the least, filled with some of the most sad and terrible days of my life (my mom lost her ability to walk and, for the most part, talk this year) but with a lot of truly good ones, too. Because the tough parts seem to feel especially big to me right now (I think it's the holidays), my parents had to refresh my memory last night about some of the good things that happened in my life in 2014.

The Good Stuff:
Five Things That saved my 2014

5. Work

For much of 2014 my professional efforts were focused on making sure the company I worked for had enough office space to operate in, which is a tough row to hoe in present-day San Francisco, especially when your company is adding two dozen new employees each month. Throughout the year I led a handful of small to medium office moves followed by one massive 70,000 square foot office buildout and move, which ended up being a success (the office was featured in a number of business and technology publications including Business InsiderCurbed, Inc., Re/code and Refinery29, to name five) and was listed as one of the coolest office spaces in San Francisco by the San Francisco Business Times.

I also got a pair of great job offers at the end of the summer that came just one day removed from each other. The first would have required a move back to the Big Apple for a company that I had previously worked for, but in the end I opted for the second offer which meant staying in the City by the Bay for a little while longer to help grow another tech startup.

4. Gettin' Fit


After almost a decade off, I picked up my tennis racquet again in 2014, first for some private lessons (I refused to suck publicly) and then to join the YMCA Presidio 4.0 team. Although I lost nearly as many matches in this one short season (two) as I did during my entire high school career (three), it still felt great to get out and hit balls and compete again and also to be part of a team, even if we were large to extra large awful.

Additionally, one of my resolutions for 2014 was to improve my 5K time and to complete a race of that distance in under twenty minutes. In March I ended up placing 17th out of more than 2,500 runners in the Bank of the West 5K in Oakland with a time of 18:53, easily my best ever, surpassing my previous PR of 21:04 at the Chronicle Seaway Run in 2008 by two  minutes. The best part of that feat was the hat I got for placing third in my age group. It makes me look twelve years old, but I love it anyway. I should note that going gluten free and buying five pairs of snug-fitting running tights (see above photo) made that accomplishment happen.

3. All The Travels

Despite my crippling fear of flying, I logged a ton of miles at 36,000 feet in 2014 en route to quite a few different destinations across this beautiful country of mine, including California (Palm Springs and San Francisco), Florida (Crystal Beach), Illinois (Chicago), Massachusetts (Boston and Provincetown), Michigan (Muskegon, a lot), New York (New York City), Texas (Dallas) and Washington, D.C. I'm probably forgetting one or two spots, but these trips included a few weddings, countless wonderful meals, brilliant art and entertainment and, most importantly, quality time spent with people that I don't get to see nearly often enough.

Oh, and the purpose of one of the aforementioned trips, the one to Washington D.C., was to witness the unveiling of the Harvey Milk Forever stamp in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the West Wing. Nancy Pelosi spoke, Mary Lambert performed and a bunch of politicos talked about Harvey and his impact on the world, which overwhelmed me because of the huge role the movie Milk played in my coming out not too long ago and because of Bevan holding Harvey's seat as the Supervisor of the Castro for eight years and because I once called the Castro home. Afterward I got to eat cake and drink punch in the Indian Treaty Room.

Harvey Milk Stamp.jpg

2. Mucho Family Time

I saw my family in real life at least once a month in 2014 (and so much more on FaceTime). Living 2,300 miles and three timezones away doesn't make it easy, but thanks to flexible employers and a shitload of credit card points, I was able to visit home (or wherever else my parents found themselves) every four weeks or so this year.

Also, I saw my nephews Cole and Peyton more in 2014 than I have in far too many years. Those not-so-little boys are beautiful and growing up far too quickly and every moment spent with them feels like a gift.

1. Harrison Mark Ufnal

Far and away the best part of 2014 for me was the birth of my third nephew, Harrison. He's given my family and I more reasons to smile and has brought more laughter to our house this year than I ever could say.

Dad, Harrison and Corey.jpg
Uncle Corey and Harrison.jpg

Oh yeah, and he's really freakin' cute.

Other Happy Stuff

I entered my thirties in 2014. And I got kind of into tank tops for a while, which I think is maybe a midlife crisis prelude or something. I also made some wonderful new friends this year, flew first class for the first time, met Michael Greif, saw Idina Menzel in a Broadway show, tried my luck in the stock market and started writing on this web log again.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2015 and also to finding the good all year long.