Corey and Tommy Do Chinatown

In observance of Tennis Tuesday, Tommy and I made our way through another San Francisco neighborhood tonight. Below is what I contributed to the Corey and Tommy Do Earth weblog.

Dear Tommy,

These adventures we keep having with one another are getting better by the week. TBH (to be honest), even though I was really tired on account of job work and you were really sick on account of your immune system underachieving, I am so glad that we decided to stick with our plan to "do" Chinatown tonight. I thought I loved that place before, but now I think I might move there, maybe tomorrow.

In addition to watching (and subsequently photographing) you eat enough noodles for two to three people at Chef Hung Restaurant as evidenced in the image above, my favorite parts of the evening were as follows:

  • Buddha Drink (for all the reasons)
  • Our in-depth discussion about Dan Aykroyd’s vodka business
  • The free tea at Chef Hung Restaurant
  • Learning of your father’s boycott of the National Football League
  • The non-existent traffic on Grant Street after 8:00pm (if you don’t count bikes)
  • Li Po Cocktail Lounge where I have every intention of hosting my 31st birthday party
  • Hearing “Ms. New Booty” by Bubba Sparxxx

Oh, and I’m also glad you made us run to the train at the end of the evening after we had just visited two bars. TBH (see above explanation), it felt like flying.

Okay, c-ya (see ya)!


P.S. Good luck with Shiny Legs tomorrow!

P.S.S. Below are pictures of you in Chinatown from earlier tonight. Please pay special mind to the shape of the bottle in the second picture.