Corey and Tommy Do Dogpatch

Tommy and I took to San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood for our #coreyandtommydoearth adventure this week. Below is my post for our shared Corey and Tommy Do Earth weblog.


It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting in the back of the 22-Fillmore bus and you were standing on the sidewalk outside waving wildly at the window while I took your picture with my cell phone, but in reality it was only one minute ago (see above photo from one minute ago).

Tonight was, I must say, my favorite #coreyandtommydoearth outing yet. I will always remember it as being cozy and enlightening and seemingly very important to the future of our budding friendship. Although there were many very enjoyable parts, the parts of the evening that I enjoyed the very most are as follows:

  • Our lengthy "Meaningful Hug Duration" conversation
  • Eating a half pound of chicken (each) in the Great Hall
  • Crashing a birthday party that we had initially thought to be a dog fighting match
  • The words "Someday I would like to have a montage of all the awkward goodbyes from all my first dates." that you said
  • Swapping stories about our first (gay) time
  • The potato salad at Smokestack

The parts of the evening that I did not like very much but gladly tolerated for the adventure of feeling alive are as follows:

  • Not having very good cell phone service

I can't wait until next week when we take on, wait for it, the Tenderloin!

Piece out, Tommay.

C. Lambert

P.S. Three additional pictures of you from this evening can be found below.

N.B. Yes, I do know that I used the wrong "peace" twenty-eight words ago.