Mara Louise

By the time Mike called from Overland Park Regional in Kansas City I had already heard the news.

"Shit just got real," he said when I answered the phone. "Linds is in labor."

It wasn't very long ago that the three of us were new grads living one floor apart in an old brick building on Kenmore Avenue in Chicago. I can still remember the night Mike ran upstairs to show Matt and I the ring he had bought for Lindsay. And his face after he had given it to her a few days later. I had asked them when they got married that following summer when they had planned to start a family.

"We're going to wait a few years," they told me.

Well this morning, some five hundred miles from that brick building on Kenmore Avenue, their wait ended.

Happy birthday, Mara Louise. And congratulations, Mike and Linds. Er, Mom and Dad.