The Runs

Back in July a handful of my friends and I hauled ourselves to Candlestick Park to participate in a five kilometer running race called The Color Run. Aside from the actual running part, the crux of said race is that participants get soused with colored dust at stations throughout the course.

Basically, we all stood at the starting line wearing pristine white t-shirts and crossed the finish line looking like a unicorn blew chunks on our faces.



The shiz.

On Saturday morning, a few hours after deboarding a red-eye from Oakland International, I joined 109 other pizza enthusiasts in the East Village for another unusual running event—the New York City Pizza Run.

Now in its third year, the New York City Pizza Run has its participants sprint four laps around Tompkins Square Park while stopping to eat three slices of pizza at checkpoints along the way.

Jason Feirman, a pizza-obsessed college buddy of mine who runs one of the World Wide Web's most visited pizza blogs, founded the race a couple years ago to celebrate his favorite food.

"I feel that New York is a food-obsession metropolis, where people are always on the run," Jason told the New York Daily News when they asked why he thought to combine pizza and exercise. "Plus, [pizza] goes down well when you're running."

In addition to the New York Daily News, past pizza runs have been featured on, and in The New York Times. This year Geoff Edgers, the host of "Edge of America," a new series on the Travel Channel, showed up with his camera crew, which means the race could be featured in a future episode.

While I didn't wolf down my three slices of Pizza by cer té fast enough to win my maiden New York City Pizza Run, so motivating was it to run in search of pizza that I may or may not start bringing Papa John's to the gym with me.