Fool Me Once

During her visit to the Windy City last weekend, my Mom gifted me several grin-making photographs that I'd like to share. But before I do, I consider it necessary to provide a bit of back-story.

Quiet please.

Following the annual Lambert Family Gift Exchange two Christmas mornings ago, my parents requested that my siblings and I remain seated in the living room while they, along with my nephews, scurried into another room to fetch us one last "surprise."

As it turned out, the "surprise" was a Silly String assault.

This past Christmas, after all of the gifts had been exchanged and my siblings and I were yawning our thanks to one another, my parents again invited my nephews into the adjacent room to assist them in hauling out yet another "surprise."

Although I played along, when my nephews led my parents back into the living room, cans of Silly String at the ready, I forcefully acquired Six-Year-Old Nephew Peyton's weapon and launched a counterattack, which, as you can surmise from the following photograph, was quite effective.

I can't be sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if Six-Year-Old Nephew Peyton already has a revenge plot in the works for next year.