A Sharing Family

Old Saint Nick dropped the new iPod Touch under the Christmas tree of my eldest nephew last month, which means that, in addition to harboring an "Angry Birds" addiction, Eight-Year-Old Nephew Cole now has the ability to video call, via Skype, any weenus with webcam.

And more often than not, that weenus is me.

Eight-Year-Old Nephew Cole: "You gotta hear this new Big Time Rush song, Uncle Corey!"

Eight-Year-Old Nephew Cole: "Do you wanna read under the covers with me, Uncle Corey?"

Eight-Year-Old Nephew Cole: "I think I have something in my eye, Uncle Corey."

Although I undoubtedly enjoy each and every one of Eight-Year-Old Nephew Cole's not at all infrequent video calls, it's nice to know that even he has limits.

Me (yelling): "Cole? Coley? Where'd you go, buddy? Is anybody out there?"

Six-Year-Old Nephew Peyton: "Cole's in the bathroom, Uncle Corey. Going poop."