A Special Delivery

According to the Internet, my pint-sized pen pals from Down Under received a special delivery from Chicago last week.

Along with the smile-stirring DailyBooth photograph above, the class's teacher sent me an electronic message detailing her students' reaction to their bit of far away freight, which I've edited for the sake of her privacy.

Hello Corey! 

We just got your package in the mail today. It was such a big hit! First, I passed it around the circle and everyone had a feel and tried to guess what was in it. Whoopee Cushion was the most popular answer. Then, we opened it to resounding "ooos" and "ahhs." We had great fun reading about the Windy City and, of course, they wanted you to know that it gets windy in Australia, too.



P.S. You have the world's neatest handwriting. 

While my heart was warmed by the enthusiasm of my penfriends, I couldn't help but feel slightly guilty that I hadn't thought to include a near-vital component.

Therefore, in an attempt to right a wrong, I've embedded a video for my buddies in PrepF.

Have joy, little mates.