Musky Fest 2010

Following a particularly raucous weekend, a weekend not unlike the last, it's with a duel sense of excitement and unease that I await the inevitable Tagging of the Facebook Photos, a Monday morning ritual that will, without a doubt, hamper my chances at a successful run for the Oval Office one day.

While the photographs I was captured in during last Saturday's Musky Fest 2010 celebration illustrate nothing more than my deep-seated passion for consuming adult beverages outdoors, I thought it remarkable how aptly they encapsulated the evening's progression.

Will's Northwoods Inn - Lakeview, Chicago
8:34pm CST 

Ken Not Kenny, Not Married Mike, myself and Brother Bryan take a break from campaigning for Former Co-Worker Brenna (not pictured) in her bid to be crowned Musky Queen 2010 to smile for the camera. 

Will's Northwoods Inn - Lakeview, Chicago
10:42pm CST 

Devastated by Former Co-Worker Brenna's shocking defeat in the Musky Queen 2010 competition, I simultaneously express my anger at her loss and advertise the event's food menu, which I've taped to my shirt. 

A Sidewalk - Wrigleyville, Chicago 
12:33am CST 

Unabashedly proud of myself for escaping Musky Fest 2010 with a cardboard cutout of Former Co-Worker Brenna (pictured right), I stop to strike a pose outside a Wrigleyville bar before hauling her inside for a dance.

My Apartment - Lincoln Park, Chicago 
1:40am CST 

The cardboard cutout of Former Co-Worker Brenna lies mangled on my living room floor amidst discarded pretzels as I search in vain for the phone number to Sarpino's Pizza.