Tube Rich

After a catastrophic outing last Friday in celebration of my twenty-sixth birth anniversary, I invited Self Control over this evening for a quiet night in.

Following a scrumptious dinner (stale Fritos and ketchup) and a soul-stirring game of DailyBooth Hangman, I slipped into bed around 10:00pm Central Standard Time for a YouTube nightcap.

And this is what I found.

Whether or not the above video struck your fancy, my research indicates that since its original upload date in April of 2008, the video has garnered more than forty-four million views, while the "Fred" series as a whole earned the main character, sixteen-year-old Nebraskan Lucas Cruikshank, an estimated $150,000 last year alone, which doesn't include profits from his merchandising deal with Hot Topic.

In addition to mad loot and worldwide Internet acclaim, Cruikshank's YouTube-ery has earned him the starring role in his own Nickelodeon movie, from which I've provided a clip.

Have joy.