When Sassy Laura and Brother Bryan insisted last week that I park my desk-chair-toned tush on their sofa to view "the funniest video ever," I was skeptical.

"A news report out of Huntsville, Alabama?" I scoffed as Brother Bryan called up a selection on

"Just wait," he giggled.

"Break-ins, rape, the South," I said several moments later as a news anchor introduced the story before passing it off to a field reporter. "This stuff isn't funny."

"Just wait," Brother Bryan urged again, his eyes trained on the computer screen.

After a full minute of video had elapsed without producing so much as a morsel of laugh-worthy fodder, I began to voice my protest once again when something magical happened—Antoine Dodson, "Victim's Brother," began to speak.

"Wait," Sassy Laura and Brother Bryan said to me after the video had ended and we'd mopped up the puddle I'd left on their living room floor. "It gets better."

"Better than that?" I scoffed. "Impossible."

And again, I was wrong.

As "Bed Intruder Song" amassed millions of YouTube views and made its way up the iTunes downloads chart in the days that followed my first viewing, Roberto Hoyos, the founder of Throwboy Pillows, donned a red bandana and a tank top, fired up his HandyCam and collected a stable of Internet celebrities including Charlie McDonnell (63 million YouTube views), Alex Day (25 million YouTube views), Olga Kay (18 million YouTube views) and myself (764 Facebook friends) to help create a "Bed Intruder Song" video of his own.

Have joy. Homeboy.