As a reward for spending the better part of last weekend in the throws of human interaction, I afforded myself a reality sabbatical this evening.

In addition to a heavy dose of DailyBooth and a few choice tweets, I spent the majority of my evening face down in a heaping cache of YouTube.

In an attempt to incorporate people into my World Wide Web addiction, I eschewed my typical YouTube search pattern ("farting dogs," "monkey fights," "live Celine Dion performances") and focused my attention on watching incredible human feats, of which I've compiled a "top-five" list.

Have joy.

Top Five YouTube Videos That Make Me Less Annoyed That We Weren't Manufactured By Apple

5. Going Down?
Like I always say, "Why take the stairs when you can make the escalator?"

4. Aww Shoe-t!
Co-Worker Micky insists that flip-flops are never a good idea. While I tend to disagree with the 'never' aspect of his resolution, I'll never make the mistake of wearing them to a concert after watching this video.

3. Trump Card
I can do everything in this video. And by everything, I mean nothing.

2. Flippin' Awesome
The following performance makes me feel worse about spraining my back while attempting a somersault last week.

1. Flipped Off
This video proves that there does exist a fine line between a brilliant idea and the worst idea ever.