Fashion Scents

Ever since a tidy swipe of my Visa card brought her into my life nine days ago, I've grown increasingly fond of my Apple iPhone.

As a matter of fact, earlier this week I even went so far as to craft her a new outfit using Adobe Photoshop.

In no time, admirers of Doddie's new duds were begging me to create novel looks for their beloved Apple iPhones as well.

Married Mike asked for a style that would show off his phone's wild side.

Ken Not Kenny requested a look representative of his telephone's Windy City roots.

My Mom solicited a piece containing equal parts adorability, perfection and timelessness.

And finally, my little brother implored me to create a fashion so unique that no one else would ever dare to touch it.

Although I found this last request to be most difficult, I'm quite confident that, in the end, I succeeded in giving my little brother exactly what he wanted.