Lite-Brightened My Day

Several weeks ago, while paralyzed by a fit of nostalgia, I logged on to and shared an intimate morsel of personal longing with the citizens of Internet.

Despite the unmistakable look of desperation scrawled upon my doughy-white face, my plea garnered no notice. 

Or so I thought.

Early last week, upon my return home from a long day at PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT, I folded back the door of my mailbox and a package tumbled out.

Although I didn't recognize the package's return address, I tore it open anyway and discovered, much to my jollity, a brand new Flat Screen Lite-Brite.

Curious as to who would send me such an extraordinary goodie, I dug to the bottom of the package and found my answer.

Taken aback by YouTube fashion and beauty expert Valerie Valentine's undeniable thoughtfulness, I set out to express my gratitude in the most befitting manner I could conceive.