Catch Phrase

During my cameo in Project 365 Tegan's video yesterday, I solicited advice in choosing a personal catch phrase after concluding that "Cut. It. Out." and "Cowabunga!" were both far beyond any level of cool that I could ever hope to attain.

In a valiant effort to assist, Ex-Boss Annie passed along the following suggestions via electronic mail this morning.

Have joy.

From: Ex-Boss Annie
Subject: Catch Phrase (Top 10)

Hey Boo!

So distressed was I by your catch-phraseless existence that I compiled the following "top-ten" list for you. I wouldn't necessarily call most of them catch phrases per se, but each of the following suggestions include something you're clearly very fond of—picking your nose.

I hope this helps.

Top Ten Catch Phrases Centered Around Nose Mining

10. "Eat, Pick, Love"

9. Ba da ba ba ba, I'm pickin' it.

8. Pick. It. Out.

7. Reach out and pick something.

6. It takes a lickin' and keeps on pickin'.

5. I am PickLovin'.

4. Silly rabbit, picks are for kids.

3. Pick on, Wayne. Pick on, Garth.

2. I'm Pick James, bitch!

1. Finger pickin' good.