Family Reunion

All nine members of the Lambert Clan will converge on the Windy City this weekend to partake in a makeshift family reunion. Because of my home-field advantage, I've taken it upon myself to map out the weekend's course of events. In addition to the inevitable touristic fare, it is my hope to spend much of the weekend casually basking in the company of my kin. Apparently, my younger brother and I do not share this notion.

Me: "…and then after dinner we'll all head out and grab a drink."

Bryan: "Sweet! I'm always down to get hammered."

Me: "I said "a drink," Bry."

Bryan: "Oh. I heard "drunk." My bad."

In all fairness to Bryan, the collegiate cocoon currently enveloping his life is set to shed later this spring and it's my belief that he's trying to make the most of his last few months of irresponsibility. To strengthen my belief, Bryan shared with me last night's social agenda.

Me: "What are you up to tonight?"

Bryan: "I'll probably head over to Waldo's College Tavern. It's Pitcher Night."

Me: "Pitcher Night?"

Bryan: "Yeah. Waldo's has full-sized pitchers that you can fill with mixed drinks for only six dollars and twenty-five cents. It's my best friend."

Me: "You should take it easy, Bry. We have a big weekend ahead of us."

Bryan: "Oh I will. I'll probably just have two and then head home."