Brother Jake

Because I'm trying to post one thing on this web log each day for a whole year, I have asked Brother Jake to write a guest web log post while I spend my weekend partying in New York City.

Below is what he came up with.

Have joy.

After reading through the only thing I read, Corey Lambert's web log, I noticed that Corey writes about funny memories of his friends, co-workers and family members. Because I've known Corey for over eleven years and consider him a friend, a family member and, when I'm taking care of his little brother Bryan's drunken messes, a co-worker, it's a mystery to me as to why I've never been mentioned in his web log. So I'd like to take some time to share a few quotes and conversations that have occurred while I've been hanging out with Corey that I feel deserve mention in one of his posts.

Here goes.

Several years ago, while riding in the car on the way back from New York City after helping Corey move out of his college apartment (you're welcome, by the way), I partook in the following conversation with Mark Salisz, another friend of ours. It's important to note that neither Corey nor I ever drove or even sat in the front seat the whole way to Michigan. Instead, we lounged in the back seat playing PS2 and watching DVDs for twelve straight hours.

Mark Salisz (from the front passenger's seat): "What are you guys watc..."

Me (snagging a bag of Twizzlers out of his hand): "Hey! We don't look at your maps, don't look at our TV!"

And then there was this other time…

Okay fine, I can only think of one example. And yes, maybe it was a "Guess You Had to Be There" story, but as his little brother Bryan said during a phone conversation at 2:45pm today that I initiated while seeking assistance in remembering funny stories, "Yes, you do say a lot of funny stuff when you're drunk. But Brother Jake, I'm always drunk with you so I forget what you say. Can I go back to sleep now?"

I'm sure there are many more examples of my hilariousness, but they've been blurred away by booze. Oh that reminds me, it's almost three o'clock. I better have a drink.

Stay cool.