Federal Express visited my apartment earlier this day to deliver the Shrek ears I won after dominating last week's Broadway In Chicago "Shrek The Musical" Twitter contest.

Instead of donning my prize and reenacting scenes from all three of the "Shrek" films in my living room for five hours as I had originally planned, I ignored Roommate Matthew's "but I memorized Donkey's lines for this" whimpers and headed to my bedroom to boast of my recent acquisition to my pals on DailyBooth.

Fully expecting a colossal and immediate response from the Booth Nation regarding my glorious reward, I transmitted my first picture.

After several excruciatingly lengthy moments, a handful of responses peppered my Wall. 
Although touched by their envy, I was unsatisfied by their lack of awe.  So I tried again. 
And again I waited as a heap of feeble responses poured in. 
Debilitated by the sheer fusslessness over my stupendous piece of headgear, I decided to snap one final photo before calling it quits.
The first response was almost immediate.
Moments later, a second comment appeared on my screen. 
Just as I was about to put Kevin, my 13" MacBook, down for the evening, a third and final comment materialized.
All the better indeed, Psychic Flying Unicorn.  All the better indeed.