Internet search giant Google dipped its ever-growing mitts into yet another ambit of the World Wide Web last week with its release of Google Buzz. Although the new messaging tool was designed to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter for social networking bragging rights, thus far it has merely served as another arena for my friends to display their aptitude for nonsensicality. Below are a handful of the rollicking quips furnished thus far by my pals via Google Buzz. Have joy.

Me: "I think Google could have come up with a better term for "Like." Any ideas?"

Substitute Teacher Friend Evan: "Feelin' This."

David Goes By Roscoe: "That's Hot."

Pat-o-phile: "Hard."

La La Linder: "No character limit? This could get intense."

Jackie: "Camping…is in tents."

Married Mike: "Can I get cancer from Google Buzz?"

Not Married Mike: "Not if you regularly use protection when having sex with your computer. Google recommends abstinence though."

David Goes By Roscoe: "eSTDs are on the rise."

Brenny: "Oh my God! I just invited people over for "come cocktails" instead of "some cocktails." Shit!"

Theater Molly: "What's everybody giving up for Lent?"

Shana of Shave: "Swearing. I have a jar and everything."

Me: "Lent."

Married Mike: "Doggy style. The Snoop Dogg album. Not the sexual position."