Language Barrier

A co-worker and I engaged in the following conversation earlier today:

Me: Good morning!

Co-Worker Micky: I need to complain for a moment.

Me: Umm, okay.

Co-Worker Micky: I can't stand it when people break the video game in my restaurant and then just walk away.

Me: I know! That's like my biggest pet peeve!

Co-Worker Micky: I mean, at least tell a freakin’ manager or something, right?

Me: Tru dat, man!

Although I had no idea what Co-Worker Micky was talking about, I was pretty certain that his line of work did not involve food service because he works where I work, in a not restaurant.

As it turns out, I was right. Co-Worker Micky was actually referring to the fake establishment that he operates on "Restaurant City," a computer game on the up-and-coming social networking site Facebook.

I think it's also important to note that none of my relatives actually live in a town called FarmVille, a fact I wish I had known before embarrassing myself at the post office this past Christmas.