Ask Me Anything

Two weeks ago my tech-savviest friend introduced me to a new-fangled social networking tool that allows any modem-yielding World Wide Webster the opportunity to present questions to the users of said social networking tool anonymously. The gadget is called and I employed it on the sidebar of this web log with aspirations of provoking substantial discourse between myself and the theoretical readers of

Thus far, the Internet has blessed me with the following discussion-sparking whoppers:

If you smell poop, does that mean you have poop particles in your nose?

If I'm a basketball player with superhuman leaping abilities and I takeoff from behind the three-point line and dunk the ball, do I earn three points or two?

When a person sticks a gerbil up their ass, is it for pleasure or is it to fill the void of loneliness when cutting themselves isn't enough?

Why do some guys use the stall instead of the urinal? Surely the risk of seeing a deuce is worse than someone potentially seeing your wiener.

Is your refrigerator running?

Mature, anonymous web log readers. Real mature.