Unisex Denim Revisited

With the exception of my parents, a former college roommate and a sixty-year-old Ecuadorian man named Dito who initially believed, based on my faux-drawn header photo, that I was Seth Green, this web log has maintained a painfully elevated level of obscurity.

And while coreylambert.com is still wholly invisible to a crushingly immeasurable majority of the web-surfing public, because of a recent post detailing my pal's inability to discern men's clothing from women's, I have received several messages begging the question:

"Did Married Mike buy himself a pair of women's jeans?"

While I can say with a fair amount of certainty that Married Mike refrained from making such a purchase, an integral element of the story was left undisclosed.

After receiving Married Mike's initial text last weekend, the following exchange occurred via Short Message Service.

Me: Seriously?

Married Mike: Ha. Ya. I think I just freaked the sales guy out. He asked if I noticed the "Size 12" on the tag. All I could say was, "I'm a twelve? Is that good?"

Me: Haha. You know I'm gonna need a picture of that, right?

Married Mike: Already left the store.

Me: Shit!

Married Mike: But I can try and go back later.

And he did.