I create creative.

That is to say, my core professional function at COMPANY NAME is to design and write copy for brochures, flyers and posters. As part of said function, I was asked to produce a flyer explaining the ways in which COMPANY NAME might assist prospective clients in adopting "greener" practices.

Below is what I came up with.

We Green, Dawg!

What does COMPANY NAME have in common with spinach, nausea and Kermit the Frog? That's right, we're all green!

Green, green, green is what COMPANY NAME is! And not green in reference to newness or ripeness or envy. No sir, our greenness is deftly in tune to the "reduce, reuse, recycle" vibe.

How, you ask, can a COMPANY FUNCTION be green? Well, we could paint our bodies. Or buy new uniforms. Or do cartwheels in the backyard right after Thanksgiving dinner.

Or we could help your business set up a recycling program (we've been known to collect old cell phones, dead batteries, empty ink cartridges, etc.) and a carpooling system ("Shotgun!"). We could also reduce your employees' collective carbon footprint by piling all of your errands into only a couple of trips as opposed to hundreds or thousands. Or we could plan a lawn party and invite Alan Greenspan to read Green Eggs and Ham aloud to your employees on St. Patrick's Day.

The point is, COMPANY NAME loves the environment and we're not afraid to help your company learn to love it, too.

Contact our Sales Department at PHONE NUMBER and let the greenification of your company begin today!

The abovementioned flyer was never distributed to prospective clients, nor are there plans to distribute the abovementioned flyer to prospective clients.