It's Complicated

While my friends fostered tequila headaches on bathroom floors throughout Chicagoland yesterday, I boarded a Brown Line train and headed downtown for an early showing of It's Complicated, Nancy Meyers' latest film, which features Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

While I won't deny my penchant for romantic comedies featuring puzzled middle-agers wedged in uncouth lust triangles, It's Complicated is superlative. Naturally, Streep is the film's crowning component, though her supporting cast is tiptop. Is there an actor easier to like than Mr. Steve Martin? If so, might it be John Krasinski (Jim from NBC's The Office)? And can anyone ace the likeable prick role better than Baldwin?

It's Complicated is much better than The Holiday, the last project written and directed by Meyers, though the sets are equally jealous-making. If ever I were to build my dream abode I would find it hard not to include bits of the houses from all of Meyers' films, including this one. Aside from a ten-minute span near this film's conclusion, the simper never left my kisser.

So if you like to smile, check out It's Complicated. It's a grin factory.