Come On Get Happy

I'm sitting in my room wearing a grin so big I can barely close my door. In this moment, if Christmas morning, summer vacation and payday had a child, I'd be that child's life coach.

It's not often that a movie makes me feel this way, but to justifiably describe Julie & Julia, the latest film in Meryl Streep's encyclopedia de brilliance (and my Friday night rental), one would have to purée all of the most pleasant words and serve them over chocolate ice cream.

Assuredly, this word-cavity I'm dishing is warranted. The cast is perfect, right down to Jane Lynch (Glee) as Julia Child's sister Dorothy, the story is warm and interesting and the ending drips just the right amount of cheese, like a slice of New York City pizza, or my attempt at a simile.

And, to Streep's credit, Julia Child's voice didn't make me squirm.

If happiness is your cup of tea, snag Julie & Julia from the vending machine next time you're out. It's like bring-your-own-couch therapy for a buck.