The 25 Things Thingy

Somebody sent me a note on Facebook asking me to write twenty-five random facts, habits or goals about I did.

  1. I still cling to the hope that one day a scout will see me shooting hoops in the driveway and offer me a multimillion dollar sports contract.
  2. I do not currently have a basketball hoop or a driveway.
  3. When I was in third grade, the attachment fell off of my barber's clippers but she was too busy talking to my mom to notice. Needless to say, bangs were all that remained. I am convinced that this incident was the catalyst for the Princeton craze at St. Michael's Elementary.
  4. I cut my own hair throughout most of college. My attachment didn't fall off once.
  5. One of my biggest fears is chipping a tooth. Also, falling out of an airplane.
  6. When I was a kid, my parents paid my siblings and I each $20 to get rid of our family dog, Bo.
  7. I would have taken $10.
  8. Sometimes, I wear a slice of Kraft cheese in my underwear just so I can have a secret.
  9. If I ever own a dog, I will name him Scout after the character in "To Kill a Mockingbird." In the book, Scout is a girl. My dog will be a boy. I will pay for dog counseling if he has gender issues.
  10. I consciously smiled 53% less for the two years that I had braces.
  11. When I was in eighth grade my parents had a Christmas Eve party. A friend and I were wrestling on the couch in the basement where all of the kids were watching "A Christmas Story" and my braces got stuck in the fabric of the couch cushion. I immediately pretended to fall asleep until the basement cleared out so I could attempt to free myself in private.
  12. Number eight may or may not be true.
  13. Only two movies have ever made me cry. 1) "My Girl" (when Thomas J. died from all those bee stings) and 2) "All Dogs Go To Heaven" (for obvious reasons).
  14. Sometimes, I miss fictional characters that die in books that I've read. Most notably…nevermind. I know of at least three people tagged in this message who are reading books where some of my favorite characters die.
  15. In college I had a sore throat for a very long time but I didn't go to the doctor for fear that I got drunk and swallowed a beer bottle cap. It turned out to be acid reflux.
  16. I have two friends who, until a matter of weeks ago, thought that the weatherman had always been saying "windshield" instead of "wind chill." I am convinced that one of them still believes this.
  17. I've been told on more than one occasion that I look like either Josh Groban or the main character from "October Road." On one occasion, I have been told that I look like a mixture of both.
  18. I have never been told that I look like Brad Pitt.
  19. My parents let my older brother name my younger brother. He chose the name BJ. Given the opportunity and my age at the time, I would have named him after a Ninja Turtle.
  20. For personal reasons, I have never called my little brother by the name BJ.
  21. When I was six and my cousin five, we spent an afternoon eating paper in my bedroom. Now, whenever I go #2 at work, I text that same cousin to let her know what I’m doing. We are twenty-four and twenty-three, respectively.
  22. My favorite foods are McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, cheese and sushi. And bacon. And Sour Patch Kids. And shrimp. Wrapped in bacon.
  23. I recently got rid of 65 DVDs. Dodgeball was one of the few that I kept.
  24. Sometimes, I attend wedding receptions and enjoy myself with such reckless abandon that I wake up the next morning with an urge to write the bride and groom a 'thank you' note.
  25. When I was young, two neighborhood kids and I would roll coffee up in Post-It Notes and smoke them in a tent in one of their backyards. We called these coffee-stoked Post-It Notes 'Folgerettes'.