Once upon a time in a place called Evan's Backyard, three adolescent boys spent many a summer night in an invisible, soundproof tent that Cor...Morey found floating in Lake Michigan. The three boys, Morey, Lyle, and Kevin, spent the bulk of those nights smoking dozens of what they called Folgerettes (a poor man's cigarette made of coffee grounds rolled in Post-It Notes that Morey would roll under his basement stairs while his parents were at work and his sister was watching "Jenny Jones") and looking at pornographic magazines that they stole from Ste...Beve, Lyle's older brother. Morey, the handsome leader of the trio with a natural flair for reading smut aloud, would audibly present the adult entertainment publications as Lyle and Kevin giggled, pretending they understood that "bush" wasn't just a descendent of the plant family.

One night, when the moon was full and all of the Folgerettes had been smoked, the three boys ventured away from their bulletproof safe haven in search of a hidden (inside the driver's side door of neighbor Rob's unlocked car) treasure (cigarettes not made of coffee under Morey's basement stairs). The plan was simple…invite Brad over and make him do it. So they did and they all woke up with yellow teeth, stinky fingers, and numb taste buds.

The End.

P.S. To this day, Kevin (the 'K' is silent) can be found scouring the mean streets of East Lansing looking for smokes because he still really loves to smoke.