Last night the Patti LuPone performed “Ladies Who Lunch” mere feet in front of my pale gross face during the second act of Company at the Gielgud Theatre and, as I have long suspected, it was everything I’ve ever needed.

In 2014, on this very web log, I made reference to a YouTube video in which LuPone, my second all-time favorite diva, sings the aforementioned song alongside Neil Patrick Harris and the New York Philharmonic in a short-lived concert version of Company and there I was last night, nearly four and a half years later, in London for work during the run of a brand new production of said musical which Patti L. just happened to be starring in.

Laura grabbed ahold of my hand when the song began and the audience lost its sh*t when it ended and in the minutes between I’m certain I saw God.

One Damn Lucky Mess

This evening, after working hours, Laura and I trekked back to our Covent Garden flat in a downpour-turned-snowstorm where we hopped out of wet clothes and into an uberX that dropped us at Balans Soho Society for food and then Comptons for drinks and now, in a bed brought to me by Airbnb, I’m recalling how throughout the night I kept thinking thoughts like “I’ve eaten at this restaurant with my dad.” and “I’ve imbibed at that bar with my friend Bryan.” and “Lauren and I danced at this club.” and the sheer fact that I have mucho crazy-go-happy memories with loved ones in mother-fucking London is yet another reminder that I lead one damn lucky mess of a life.

Keep Dancing Through

In the winter of 2005 four of my closest friends used their spring breaks to visit me at school in the Big Apple. Wicked was a hot ticket on Broadway at the time but we pooled our young luck and managed to coax four front row seats out of the pre-show lottery anyway. Laura was one of those friends and earlier this evening, nearly a decade and a half after our first viewing, the two of us nabbed tickets to see Wicked again, this time in London where we’re traveling for the company that employs us. A great many things have changed in our lives since college, but it’s comforting to know that some things, like a silly, touching musical about friendship, never do, and that such things can still give a couple of old pals a night to remember.