In My Likeness
DailyBoother from Poland reminded me precisely why I worship in the Church of the World Wide Web—the unbridled flattery. DailyBooth
e-Conga Line
I was perusing earlier this day when the following message struck my fancy. Because adultery or operating a foreign automobile, I conformed to DailyBooth Jon's request and snapped a
Excessive Celebration
bed to snap the following photograph. I'll never learn.
No Offense
I was snapping a photo this morning when I discovered the following picture
New Heights
I reached somewhat of a milestone on earlier this evening. And although I was
False Advertising
While I am entirely flattered by the following Twitter shout-out from, I feel that
If nothing else, the following YouTube video, a World Wide Web gift from DailyBooth Miranda
Life Is Good
Despite what DailyBooth Corey may or may not be saying right now, Half Off Margarita + One Dollar
Hallmark Moment
I bore witness to a Hallmark Moment on DailyBooth earlier this day and, at the risk of exposing
Weekend Scrapbook
Although I previously declared my esteem for as a photo sharing website, I failed to mention its value as a mechanism for documenting vital moments of my life. Without
Twitter With Photos
, Square and, of course, DailyBooth, and the wealthy Silicon Valley power players they're attracting DailyBooth, a site custom-made for the brand of person who's been known to think, "Dude, my life would . However, in spite of my total lack of monetary investment in companies like DailyBooth and Foursquare have heard DailyBooth's call. Among the early investors of the "Twitter with photos" site are some
Mornin' is a photo blogging website designed to allow its users to share quick images of
Booth Flattery
enough, @invisible_man's doctored DailyBooth response isn't the first bit of creative reimagining I've deemed worthy of documentation. Although both of the above DailyBooth submissions received quite a
Crisis Mode
on the lid of the toilet, DailyBoothing the night away as Snowzilla's mocking laughter echoes from the window.
Party Planning
fine-tastic folks on for assistance. And this is what they said. Although many of the
Happy Making
DailyBooth action. Have (as much) joy (as this weak-ass attempt at web logging will allow).
Lite-Brightened My Day
Several weeks ago, while paralyzed by a fit of nostalgia, I logged on to and shared
Tube Rich
Fritos and ketchup) and a soul-stirring game of DailyBooth Hangman, I slipped into bed around 10:00pm
Sunday Surf
DailyBooth, Twitter and YouTube, it's not uncommon that I'll veer off course every so often and roll
Think Drunk
I chanced upon the following grin-worthy photograph on After fruitlessly scouring
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