A Catch-Up With Kari Who Will Probably Make Me Delete This

Around eight o'clock last night I hailed a Lyft from my office (I'm a super hard worker, everyone!) and rode it to the Lower Haight to meet Kari at Hot Zushi for apps, rolls, one large bottle of Cab Sauv and a v. necessary data dump about all the shiz that's been happening in our lives as of late.

The evening got away from me without my having documented it with a selfie, so I snagged the above screenshot during our follow-up FT sesh this morning. Kari hates it when I post screenshots of her (here, read this), but I look more ridiculous than she does so I figured it was okay. If not, oops.

Yup, I'm Glad It's Friday

In case anybody's curious about the current state of my mental health, below is a conversation that I had with two of my colleagues today.

Gwyneth: I was so happy when he got elected that I cried.

Sylvia: You cried when Barack Obama got elected President?

Gwyneth: Yes! I thought everybody did!

Sylvia: I didn't.

Gwyneth: Corey, did you cry when Barack Obama got elected?

Me: No, but I have cried twice on the train this week.

Lottery Losers Turned Happy Hour Heroes

Sylvia and I booked it to the Orpheum after work tonight, tossed our names into the lottery for front row seats to see The Book of Mormon, sped down the street to Fermentation Lab for one beer each, hustled back to the theater to find out that we didn't win tickets but then turned our em effing lemons into lemonade by hitting up happy hour at Kaya, the new Jamaican restaurant near the Twitter building, for jerk chicken wings and Red Stripes.

This evening's dinner with S marks the completion of another of this week's funk-busting goals ("Have three meals with friends") so now all I've got left is the GD five-miler that's honestly pretty necessary after all these calories.

I'm Gettin' There

I had macaroni and cheese with my gorgeous not-niece Ryan and her parents in the Inner Sunset tonight (see photo below), which counts as a meal with friends, and prior to dinner I purchased her a copy of Thelma the Unicorn at Green Apple Books which counts as visiting a used bookstore, so if I run five miles and consume food with a buddy once more before Sunday night I will have completed all of my low-key goals for this week.