Crisis Mode

As the much ballyhooed Snowmageddon 2011 picked up steam earlier this evening, two Chicago icons achieved worldwide notice as trending topics on Twitter.

While the Snowpocalypse raged outside, forcing the closure of Lake Shore Drive and ripping away hunks of the stadium surrounding Wrigley Field, I fumed inside, seething because I'd lost my wireless Internet connection.

After testing and retesting seemingly every inch of my apartment for a wireless hotspot over the course of the evening, I finally found one.

As I type this very sentence I am seated on the floor of my bathroom, laptop propped on the lid of the toilet, DailyBoothing the night away as Snowzilla's mocking laughter echoes from the window.

Fool Me Once

During her visit to the Windy City last weekend, my Mom gifted me several grin-making photographs that I'd like to share. But before I do, I consider it necessary to provide a bit of back-story.

Quiet please.

Following the annual Lambert Family Gift Exchange two Christmas mornings ago, my parents requested that my siblings and I remain seated in the living room while they, along with my nephews, scurried into another room to fetch us one last "surprise."

As it turned out, the "surprise" was a Silly String assault.

This past Christmas, after all of the gifts had been exchanged and my siblings and I were yawning our thanks to one another, my parents again invited my nephews into the adjacent room to assist them in hauling out yet another "surprise."

Although I played along, when my nephews led my parents back into the living room, cans of Silly String at the ready, I forcefully acquired Six-Year-Old Nephew Peyton's weapon and launched a counterattack, which, as you can surmise from the following photograph, was quite effective.

I can't be sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if Six-Year-Old Nephew Peyton already has a revenge plot in the works for next year.