Because It Can't Be Helped

I have to be in London for work this week which means that I have to ride on an airplane to get there which means, well, getting airport hammered.

I think it's worth noting that this web log post is being brought to you not by airport-grade Cabernet Sauvignon but by the darling mother of a dear friend of mine who recently said something so incredibly true that I nearly shat my running tights, which is this: "Corey really likes to post pictures of himself on his blog. Sometimes he includes Bevan, but mostly it's just him."

That feels accurate.

(Also, hi Maureen! I miss you! Can we get beers when you're in SF next?)

Ten Miles and a Brunch

Around ten o'clock this morning Jason, Nikki, Steve and I set out from the Inner Sunset on a most spectacular ten-mile run that gifted us views of Golden Gate Park, the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Crissy Field and afterwards Bevs and Dan joined the four of us for brunch at the Presidio Social Club which is where I snapped the following photo.

P.S. Is it still considered a selfie if you can't manage to fit yourself into it?