Elton John Lives

We were mixing whites and yolks for a mid-afternoon batch of scrambled eggs today, Sid and I, when he confided in me his latest musical leanings.

Sid: I have a new favorite decade of music.

Me: Oh yeah? Which?

Sid: The 70s.

Me: That’s a good one. Who are some of your favorite artists so far?

Sid: Umm, Fleet Macwood, Van Morris, Elton John.

Me: You know he’s playing the Chase Center in September.

Sid: Really? I figured he was dead.

Last Night in New York

The New York City skyline was overtaking the sun as I made my way across the Manhattan Bridge to Nancy’s place in Clinton Hill for dinner last night.

Full of wine and stories, the evening was wonderful. At one point after the polenta had been been consumed and we were digging into the wrapped chocolates Electra had placed in the center of the table, Nancy seemed to remember that she’d once made a living illustrating children’s books.

“Just to pay the rent,” she told us.

I asked to see some of her work and, ever the gracious hostess, she obliged.

We paged through the pictures she’d drawn fifty-something years ago as she explained what inspired some of her sketches and admitted to us how she hadn’t liked some of the books very much and how poorly the “gigs” all paid anyway. Her drawings were brilliant, of course, because she’s brilliant, an artist who’s dedicated a life to creating things that stir people up inside.

On our way back to the hotel I looked up one of her books—Did You Carry The Flag Today, Charley?—and bought it so I could tear out and frame a picture I’d seen earlier, because it reminds me of myself on a lot of days.

Pain and Gain in the Rain

This wet-ass week in February brought about, in my own personal domain, the discovery or, in one particular case, rediscovery of mucho marvelous music, each track shoving me back into teenagerhood or forward through heartbreak or upon new places I’d never even thought to wander before.

Five of said songs are listed below in no particular order.

  • “Bad Habit” - Ben Platt

  • “Conversations with my Wife” - Jon Bellion

  • “Clumsy” - Our Lady Peace

  • “Hearts Beat Loud” - Kiersey Clemons and Keegan DeWitt

  • “Light On” - Maggie Rogers

Yay instruments and lyrics and the people who can smash them up together to make me suffer connectedness to myself and other breathing beings!