After seventeen straight nights spent in beds that aren’t mine I’m finally on a commercial aircraft that’s making its way back to the Bay and as glorious and special and electric as New York City and London are I cannot wait to be reunited with Bevan and our dogs in our cozy little casa in the Castro.

Doesn’t that sound like perfection?

I know. I can’t wait.

Despite my excitement for it to be over with, I am grateful for the trip I just took. Not only did I get to spend lots of time with lots of people that I adore, it was a nice change of pace to be focused on something other than what’s in my head for a spell. So thanks, work job, for shoving me out into the world.

So It Begins

I’m several hours into a 17-day work trip that will, if all goes according to plan, have me in New York City for the next six days and London for the eleven that follow then back to The Bay just in time to miss Bevan’s 64th.

Although job things will likely dominate the majority of my next two point five weeks I have hopes of breaking bread with faraway friends, seeing a show or two and, if my schedule permits, popping to Paris for a day.

I hadn’t planned to drink on this flight but it got delayed a couple of times and Alaska Airlines plopped me into first and it’s a bit bumpy above my country at the moment so a free, heart healthy glass of Cab I shall have!

Note: The photo above is for Maureen, if she’s reading, ‘cause, you know.

London Calling

At this moment in our current lives Laura and I are en route to London, England for reasons related to our work jobs. I typically fly solo on these adventures so I’m extra-large grateful to have my bestie with me. I the most appreciate that she let me wring her hand numb during takeoff and also her non-judgement when I opted for a second glass of red wine after dinner.

What You Don't Know

Upon landing in the sovereign city-state of Singapore just now one of the pilots informed myself and the many other human people with whom I spent sixteen and a half hours farting above the planet that we had just traveled the third longest airplane route in the world currently.

I am quite thankful I didn't know that fact sixteen and a half hours ago.

Welcome to My Airport Blog

I am, in this particular moment in time, extra-hard-chillin' at Tomokazu, the poorly-reviewed ramen establishment that exists directly across the hall from XpresSpa in the international terminal at San Francisco International.

I'm at Tomokazu because ramen sounded better to me than pizza and I'm at the airport because I'm airplane flying tonight. The destination on my boarding pass tells me I should eventually wind up in Singapore and, according to my calendar, although today is Tuesday I will not get to said destination until Thursday which is, in a word, crazy-go-nuts.

I've been traveling a lot lately and therefore consider my packing game to be quite polished, but since I haven't been to Singapore before the contents of my suitcase seem somewhat rambling. In fact, inside of my roller bag are two button-down shirts, a couple of neck-ties and a pair of booty shorts, all very neatly folded, plus Converse sneakers, a swimsuit and a stack of undershirts noticeably devoid of any wit or pizzaz so as not to offend in the event that folks residing across the world find the word 'funcle' offensive.

Also, this ramen’s pretty good.