HBD Baby Bry

Today is Baby Brother Bryan’s 31st birthday and I love him for a whole dang buncha reasons including but most certainly not limited to:

  • he’s the best Taboo partner

  • he’ll accompany you to the top of the tallest mountain in the lower 48 if you ask him to

  • he doesn’t mind singing only the backup parts when you feel like being Aladdin and Jasmine during impromptu living room sing-alongs

  • he’ll drive all the miles on a road trip

  • his taste in movies is superb (Major Payne, Remote, Three Ninjas)

But mostly, I like the way he looks.

My Niece Is a Damn Dirty Cheat, or a Two-Year-Old’s Guide to Beating an Adult at a Popular Children’s Game

We were playing hide-and-go-seek before school yesterday morning, my two-year-old niece Ella Rose and I, when, following my discovery of her giggling, pajama-ed frame tucked oh-so-sloppily into a comically well-lit corner of her parents’ bedroom, the following verbal exchange occurred.

Me: I found you!

Two-Year-Old Niece Ella: No.

Me: Yes I did.

Two-Year-Old Niece Ella: No.

Me: My eyes are literally looking directly at you in this very moment.

Two-Year-Old Niece Ella: No.

Me: Yeah they are.

Two-Year-Old Niece Ella: No.

Me: You’re cheating right now.

Two-Year-Old Niece Ella: No.

Me: Yes you are! You’re cheating and lying!

Two-Year-Old Niece Ella: No.

Me: Fine! Forget it! I don’t even care! You win! Are you happy?

Two-Year-Old Niece Ella (smiling): Wanna play again?