Singing! Dancing! Paper!

There exists in existence a live, unauthorized musical parody of The Office and last night B, Sid and I trekked uptown to The Jerry Orbach Theater to watch it and as of this moment I’m still unclear about what caused me more enjoyment, the show itself or the look of pure glee on Sid’s face during it.

Also, did I mention that B and Sid joined me in New York yesterday?


Well, they did.

A Sunday Night Journal Entry

This evening Bevan and I made stuffed peppers for dinner and my Grandma Beckman’s special-occasion Cool Whip and sliced fruit dish for dessert while carrying on with one another about big things and small things and nothings as Buddy and Ellie snoozed on the furniture in the living room and the soundtrack from A Star is Born played just above a whisper around us.

When in Doubt, Go Out

It was my plan to stay home and watch The Dark Knight for the nth time tonight but B insisted I go with him to a party on Lake Street so I shaved and put on a tie and a pair of slacks and within the first few minutes of our arrival a handsome older gay fellow said I look like a young Scott Bakula.

The moral of this post, Future Corey, is when in doubt, go out.

Also, you probably need a haircut.

In Which I Sobbed in Public for One Hundred Consecutive Minutes

Bevan and I saw a matinee performance of Come From Away at the Golden Gate Theater today and I whole-body happy-bawled the entire damn time.


When it was over and we were slow-shuffling our way to the exits, Bevan squeezed my hand and said, “I’ve never seen you cry like that at a show.”

Because I haven’t.

When the Twin Towers fell in 2001, 38 airplanes were diverted to Gander, Newfoundland for several days, stranding nearly 7,000 passengers. Without giving it a second thought the 10,000 inhabitants of that tiny town in Canada turned their lives upside-down to welcome them. They donated blankets and clothing and food, lent out spare rooms and phones and barbecues, and made the darkest of situations a great deal brighter for 7,000 terrified travelers.

And the incredible part is, the story’s true.

I’d braced myself for a musical about 9/11, and while Come From Away sort of is, it’s mostly about strangers showing genuine kindness to strangers.

And that’s worth crying about.