I'm Home and It's Glorious

Kelly snagged me from the Muskegon County Airport yesterday morning (my dad was exceptionally busy waiting for his new refrigerator to arrive) and hauled the both of us to Joe Chan's Bistro to consume lunch with Aunt Patti, Bryan and my dad which I then chased with a twenty-minute nap in my dad's guest bedroom before picking up Ella and Harrison up from school and cuddling them through the first thirty minutes of Beauty and the Beast, watching them eat a meal and kissing them goodnight after which I hustled to the Chili's in Norton Shores to meet my eighth-grade girlfriend Megan for dinner, drinks and buzzed shopping at Meijer and Walmart prior to traveling slightly above the posted speed limit to Pere Marquette Park Beach for the purpose of catching a 9:10pm Lake Michigan sunset (#5) with my dad before closing out an exhausting but incredible day with red wine and several rounds of Monopoly Deal at Balcom's Cove with Bryan and Jess.

A few photos are below.

Also, I'm tired.