40 Before 40: Run Bay to Breakers (In Costume)

I hopped out of bed at six o'clock yesterday morning, pulled on my running shoes, a pair of shorts and a flamingo costume, pinned a race bib to my shirt, gave a very groggy Bevan a thumbs up and headed out the door.

In addition to a flamingo (me), the downtown-bound N I was on had among its riders a dragon, an ice cream cone, a man in a Speedo, two cans of La Croix, several makeshift superheroes and a team of wrestlers in singlets.

When I got off the train my pal Trevor was waiting for me on the street above Montgomery Station and I handed over his costume, a spare elephant onesie I had lying around.

The two of us got in line in Coral A, stood for the National Anthem next to a taco and two jelly donuts and then off we went, bound for the breakers.

At the two-ish mile mark we spotted Bevan, Sid and Kari hanging out on Hayes Hill. We gave them hugs and gave us beer (and took pictures).

Trevor and I continued into the Panhandle and onto Golden Gate Park for the final stretch of our twelve kilometer run. We were passing the bison paddock when I remembered to call Bryan and wish him happy birthday.

A mile or so later we had made our way to Ocean Beach and the finish line.

After snagging a ton of free stuff from the finisher's area, T and I popped into a Lyft and rode it back to the Panhandle where we spent the whole day like it was college. We did shots with strangers, manned kegs in random backyards and were just generally next level morons. In fact, at different points in the day I had a bouquet of sunflowers tucked into my skirt, a unicorn hat on my head and someone else's grill on my bottom teeth.

I can't believe I waited seven whole years to partake in this incredibleness.

Oh also, the first item on my 40 Before 40 list has been marked complete.