It's Castro, Bitch

Sid and I were roughhousing on the sidewalk outside of Hamburger Mary's in the Castro while waiting for a table to open up earlier tonight when our tomfoolery finally embarrassed Bevan enough that he sent us to the Levi's store a couple doors down to cool off. We were in there for maybe two minutes, perusing jeans and mostly behaving ourselves, before Sid strolled up to pay counter and asked the dual clerks behind it a question.

"Do you give makeovers here? Because this guy could really use one."

Then he pointed at me.

Both Levi's employees threw their heads back and laughed and thought Sid was just the most amazing thing ever and even though I would later force him to lick the display window of a supervisor candidate's headquarters in retaliation I'm still painfully aware that Sid got the best of me this time.

Congrats on the sick burn, Sid.

Ya jerk.